People Training

It takes a strong community of highly-skilled individuals to run our team

Wide Range of Skills

The success of our community service would not be possible without a wide variety of both operational and non-operational roles within the team. Our non-operational team members provide fantastic support by maintaining our office and governance, looking after our finances, fundraising for the charity, liaising with the community and the local authorities, and taking care of our publicity. They are the backbone of our organisation upholding its high standards and ensuring our work is running smoothly. Our operational roles are Search Technician, Dog Handler and Team Leader. Being an operational team member means that you are on-call 24/7, 365 days a year to support in the search for vulnerable missing people.

Search & Rescue Skills

First Aid

Search Techniques

Radio Communications

Water Safety

Outdoor Navigation

Basic Life Support

Dog First Aid

Our Competences

To become operational and be able to attend live searches for missing people, our members must pass the Lowland Rescue national standards for the Search Technician qualification. This includes skills such as basic life support, outdoor navigation, radio communications, safeguarding, water safety, and having a level of fitness to be able to walk five miles carrying full search kit within two hours.

After becoming a qualified Search Technician, the foundation for all our operational activity, team members can go on to further increase their knowledge in areas such as communications, advanced life support, mental health awareness, missing person behaviour and search planning and management. Given enough operational experience, team members can pursue the Team Leader qualification. Those who train with their canine companions can qualify as Dog Handlers. In training and live searches, Search Technicians, Dog Handlers and Team Leaders work together as a team to achieve successful task completion and to ensure both dogs’ and people’s welfare and safety.

SAR People Qualifications

A Search Technician is the first operational level. They can attend a live search for a missing person as part of a wider team. They are required to complete the Search Technician course and to be trained in fundamental search skills.

A Dog Handler operates a qualified search dog to assist in the search for a missing person. The dog and handler are qualified as a team and one cannot work without the other. All Dog Handlers are qualified as Search Technicians, and most are qualified as Team Leaders.

A Team Leader usually has many years of experience in search and rescue and uses their knowledge and expertise to lead a team of Search Technicians in the search for a missing person. They can also be involved in planning and managing both live searches and training sessions.

Want to Join?

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