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Level 2 Air scenting

Breed: Vizsla

D.O.B: September 2014

Handler: Vicky Grylls

Likes: Swimming, chasing Seagulls and snoozing under the duvet

Dislikes: Having a bath and getting her nails trimmed!

Vicky has owned spice since she was tiny. They have done many fun things together from search & rescue training, gundog lessons and even doggie tricks class. Spice is an active dog and enjoys to be out and about exploring and using her nose. She is equally at home chasing after a ball in the park, swimming in the river or going for muddy walks in the woods with my other dogs. She loves spending time snoozing in her bed under my desk and come bed time she's the first one under the duvet!

We provide nationally qualified volunteer search dog teams to help find missing and vulnerable people.