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Level 1 Air scenting

Breed: Barn Farm Collie

D.O.B: July 2014

Handler: Sharon Plowright

Likes: Fish and being out and about with her doggie friends

Dislikes: Sellotape! She absolutely hates the noise as it comes off the reel

Izzy is Sharon’s second dog who is taking over from Murphy who had to retire on health grounds in 2014 after 9 years of SAR work. Izzy is a Barn Farm border collie and comes from 2 working parents. Izzy has been with Sharon since she was 9 weeks old and started her SAR training at 8 months old. She is a bright little dog who found puppy classes boring resulting in her being very mischievous in class. To ensure she continued to be socialise with other dogs and learnt to listen to Sharon she did tricks training instead as a result she is always ready to give you a high-5 or an Eskimo kiss.

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