Vicky joined the team in 2016 after taking part in a "have a go for fun" beginners search course run by the team. She is one of the teams team leaders and an operational dog handler with her Hungarian Vizsla Spice. Her day job for over 30 years has been working in animal welfare at a dog rescue home. Vicky loves photography and pottering in her greenhouse as well as escaping to her little house in Derbyshire with her 3 dogs.



Spice is a 7 year old Hungarian Vizsla and currently the only operational Vizsla in Lowland Rescue. She has been a qualified level 2 (hasty) dog since September 2019. Spice is normally found either snoozing under her mums desk at work or under a fleecy blanket on the sofa.  She loves cheese , playing with her squeaky ball and adores sunbathing on a sunny day in the garden . Spice is defiantly the princess of the team and has an extensive wardrobe of cozy fleeces and her mum always has to remember to take her warm coat for after searches.