Steve and retired SD Ace

Steve started his search career by joining the North Sussex Search Team back in 2010, a Neighbourhood team trained and backed by Sussex Police. He saw an ad on Facebook for Search and Rescue dog training and thought his dog Ace would like to have a go! They completed and passed the basic and intermediate courses in 2013 and Steve and Ace were invited to join the team. They past their national assessments and became operational in 2016 and was operational for 4 years. Ace had a few operational finds and has been involved in other life saving rescues in this period. Steve is a father to 4 children and lives in Crawley. His ‘day’ job is to maintain all the baggage systems at Gatwick Airport. His other hobbies are running,snowboarding & DIY. He now supports other handlers on the team. Maybe one day he will train another dog.



Hi My name is Ace, I am a retired search dog . I am 13  and I was one of the oldest search dogs in Lowland Rescue.

My breed, I think as I was a rescue dog from Wales is an English pointer cross Spaniel

I love search and when I am not looking for Missing people, I love to find tennis balls on my walks.