Jae joined the team in 2016. She recently retired from 15 years in the Ambulance service and prior to that she was a fire fighter for 10 years.



Rafi Is an almost two year old Jack Russell Terrier X Springer Spaniel. Jae got him from Dogs Trust aged six months. His likes include Squeaky tennis balls, Sausages, chewing holes in tea towels and rolling in fox poop!

Sadly for Rafi his dislikes include having a bath! He's currently trying to make up his mind whether his dislike of bathing outweighs his love of rolling in fox poop!

Rafi is currently a level one, trainee, Search dog. He is doing well with his training even though Covid has interrupted it twice.

Rafi has his own Instagram account  at trainee_searchdog_rafi #rafi9lives