Darren joined the team in September 2014 after completing the beginner and intermediate search courses at Sussex County Dog Training. After becoming a Search Technician in December 2014, Darren and his Springer Spaniel Millie became an operational Level 2 search dog team in November 2015 and a level 3 team in June 2018. Darren is also the teams ‘geek’ and maintains the team website, handles team PR & social media and is radio communications SME. Darrens day job is Director of Software Engineering for SITA. He enjoys trail running and is a Hang Glider pilot. He lives in Worthing.



Breed: English Springer Spaniel 

D.O.B: April 2013 

Likes: Squeaky tennis balls, swimming, searching! 

Dislikes: Bath time 

Darren has had Millie since she was 8 weeks old. Millie is a typical Springer Spaniel and has boundless energy and enthusiasm for searching. Just watch that tail - it never stops wagging. Millie qualified as a level 2 (hasty) operational dog in November 2015 and as a level 3 (area) dog in June 2018. Millie has her own Twitter account and regularly posts using her paws!

Millie is a proud ambassadog for Symply Pet foods.