Make a difference, help save the missing and vulnerable

You’re about to do something really incredible. The money you donate will make a huge difference to the communities in Sussex and neighbouring counties. It will help re-unite missing and vulnerable people with their families. Search & Rescue is an expensive business. All our members are voluntary and aren’t paid a penny. We deeply appreciate any contribution, however small.

We have various ways you can make a difference. You can donate via Paypal, text message or by purchasing something off our Amazon Wishlist.

We are always particularly keen to hear from businesses who are considering corporate sponsorship or charitable donations, or land owners who can let us use their land for training purposes. Please contact us if you can help.

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Donate £10

£10 could buy a new set of Falconry bells or a high intensity light for one of our dogs. These bells and lights are attached to the dogs jacket and tell the handlers where the dog is when we can’t see them, which is quite often!

Donate by Text or our Amazon Wishlist

We provide nationally qualified volunteer search dog teams to help find missing and vulnerable people.