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Without encouragement she is off into the corrie we have come to search. Orna's tail is high. She is having a ball. It is then, just as the first rays of sun creep over the ridge to our east, it occurs to me that if I had a tail I would be wagging it too because there isn't anything in the world I would rather be doing.
Tom Gilcrist (SARDA Scotland)

Search Dogs Sussex are called out by Sussex Police, and neighbouring counties on average around 30 times per year. Every single call out is a search emergency where a vulnerable missing person is in need of being located as soon as possible. This is typically due to medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, mental health issues or despondency. Being a specialist resource, our search dog teams are highly regarded by Sussex Police and have been responsible for successful finds that have saved lives. In 2015 we saved the life of a missing 82 year old pensioner who had gone missing from his care home. We were the only asset able to locate this individual and the paramedics in attendance said that he would not have survived if we had not been there. Not all of our searches have happy endings. We often find the missing who have already succumbed, and in this case we perform a valuable mission in providing closure to the deceased's family.