Where do I start… well… I didn’t really know who I was, watching out of the barn windows in the icy, cold, lonely winter months waiting till that hour of the day, when the loud round thing with numbers made a click at the number 12! That was a lovely part of my day watching the other dogs just like me play about with their masters, catching balls and having a long run around the wood. I always wondered to myself why does my master have to be so different to the others, why do I not get to run free and why… just why can I not catch a ball instead of these silly fleas?

But one day just a normal day I had a feeling, it was weird like a sort of tingling feeling in my tummy, I had no clue what it was but I had smelt a scent that made my nose twitch, not often did I smell this, it smelt like people… FRESH! Although the wood that I watched the happy dogs play on was quite far away, all those times I had watched their masters wishing they were mine, I could finally recognise that smell that was coming around the corner. It was them! I pleaded out which I think made them a little wary of me, they started to reach out their hands. I think I may have had a little accident as I felt a warm drip rushing down my leg .

Anyway I couldn’t remember much after that other than traveling in the back of a van with the smell of kind loving people in front. The van was much warmer than the barn so I took the moment as a chance to get some sleep… Later on the van had stopped. I was nervous to see where I was going. My legs were shaking uncontrollably but I knew these people meant no harm, the doors opened and the light blinded my eyes but soon I was adjusted and could see a beautiful building standing in front of me, this looks more like home I thought! As we wandered in to the house I was plodding past all of the dogs that I would normally see out in the woods, they all greeted me, I felt relieved that I had been saved and I joined the guys with fresh food and water… so my months went on with my new healthy body and my new masters that I had never thought I would get,  watching my friends come and go as they got given the chance to start a life made me wonder when I was going to get that Last Chance too.

One day I was just getting on with my normal life and thought I was going on a walk as some people were getting my long, lacey, luxurious lead. I could see it dragging on the floor and my name being called ‘Tweed’ I figured this was what they called me as they said it to me a lot. I pounced onto what I thought was my master but it didn’t smell the same, I looked up and saw a man I could not believe my eyes it was him he had come to give me that opportunity I never thought I would get. He kissed my head and patted my back, but where were we off too? I was about to find out…

We entered a room and I saw 2 boys, their smiles were as big as the moon that I watch out for at night. I leapt onto their laps and my tail wagged uncontrollably hitting everything like never before!  I knew from the tip of my waggy tail to the tip of my wet nose that my adventure was just starting.

After all the paper work my new masters had signed and we were off, no time to say bye to my friends I had met, we were in the car going to some place called home. I settled in just like I had when I got rescued but this time it was different, now it was my time to have a proper family. I was now known by the name Ace! I would go on walks and catch balls like I always dreamed and I would get closer and closer to my 3 best buddies. I would occasionally growl but not to be mean I just still hadn’t let go of the terrible memories of being a pup, but my masters would understand and never get annoyed. 

One day I had the opportunity to be a life saver myself! My master was already qualified in search and rescue, it was now up to me to make it all happen… I joined Search dogs Sussex, an amazing team of humans and other dogs just like me. This was fantastic showing off my sniffing skills, it was easy for me having passed time when I was a pup sniffing all sorts, it just became a habit. And I always get my tuggy toy when I do a ‘good find’ and this makes me more determined each time!  Saving people like someone once did to me makes me proud and after so much hard work from me and my master we both finally became the professionals and from that day on we will be doing what I always knew what I wanted to do most ......SNIFF and SAVE PEOPLE!!