Our Association and Affiliations

We don’t work alone.

We work with Sussex Search and Rescue (SusSAR), Sussex Police and our coordinating body, Lowland Rescue.

Without the support, guidance and assistance of any of these, we could not function.

Lowland Rescue

Lowland Rescue are the national co-ordinating body for Lowland Rescue teams in the UK.

Lowland Rescue is our parent organisation. They are responsible for all our operational standards, including search dog assessments.

Sussex Police

We are solely called out by Sussex Police.

We do not respond to and cannot help with any privately organised searches.

Sussex SAR

Sussex Search & Rescue are the primary volunteer resource used by Sussex Police to search for, and rescue, vulnerable missing people.

We often work alongside SusSAR on live searches.

Missing People

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We provide nationally qualified volunteer search dog teams to help find missing and vulnerable people.